System Electronics offers advanced solutions for industrial control, integration and the collection of the production data for different productive sectors of the modern 4.0 Factory.  

It offers an array of solutions, thanks to the autonomous development of software and hardware, ranging from a series of Copilot industrial PCs, for the appropriate gathering of production data, to CANopen and Ethercat systems for the control of remote I/O units, to drives for controlling stepper motors, to human-machine interface terminals, and finally, laser sensor and video camera systems for quality control.

The sectors of application are numerous and every year System Electronics receives the renewed appreciation of its customers who recognize the innovative content and high level of reliability, from consultancy, to design, to after-sales assistance.

The versatility and flexibility of the products designed by System Electronics make it possible to find applications also in alternative sectors to the industrial sector, such as transport, logistics, medical and naval, wherever innovative solutions, integration and an effective gathering of production data are required.

Many automation solutions are, in fact, the fruit of close collaboration between System Electronics and its customers, who work together to develop optimal solutions to every specific application need.