A winning partnership between System Electronics and System Logistics for the developmend and design of an innovative modular and multi-format handling system. capable of forming mixed pallets of different sized products while operating efficiently and in complete safety.

The partnership between System Electronics and System Logistics perfectly represented the combination of two excellences that have exploited their respective know-how to generate a totally new and 100% customized technology.

Quad Microstep drive by System Electronics, therefore, was the customized engine to guide LogiMate by System Logistics towards new handling opportunities, aimed at revolutionizing the concept of storage and warehouse. The evolution of large-scale distribution and Food & Beverage to which System Logistics addresses, in addition to the strong push towards e-commerce that the pandemic has generated overall, has led to the need to develop crate systems for small products in a diversified way, making them modular to the single item and according to Goods-to-Person (GTP) solutions.

The advantages? Above all, a smarter and more interconnected working methodology, which responds to the need to fulfill orders in a smarter, faster and more ergonomic way. Consequently, a new warehouse formula also derives, also in favor of simpler and more controlled storage, easier management of operations and a process increasingly oriented towards sustainability criteria.

A result made possible thanks to the strong synergy of skills of the two companies, who own the technological processes to be developed: in fact, absolutely new and exclusive hardware and software have been produced, equipping the Quad Microstep drive with System Electronics – generation digitized mircostepping – of an artificial intelligence that guides its mechanisms in an extremely versatile and functional way.

This working method has focused entirely on the  and corporates of the two companies, of professionalism, knowledge and proven acquisitions that have made it possible to achieve maximum efficiency on an absolutely customized project, and have done so quickly and with a management optimized resources, in favor of a result with great added value.

The reliability of System Electronics and its tutoring capacity were fundamental elements for System Logistics, which found in its partner an opportunity for mutual evolution towards avant-gardes that drive not only the future of the two realities, but that allow to guarantee its customers a competitiveness based on the completeness of the process.