System Electronics, a Coesia brand and a company dedicated to the innovation of industrial electronics, presents itself alongside excellent partners and develops emblematic case studies inspired by the world of AI.

The core business of System Electronics is in fact the design, customization and production of electronic boards created to streamline the processes and performance of the machinery fleet of players in the industrial sector, and beyond. Strengthened by this know-how, System Electronics has been working closely with internationally relevant partners for several years towards the development of new solutions inspired by AI and dedicated to a wide range of applications.

Processing data directly on machines, known as edge computing, is becoming increasingly popular due to its beneficial performance, security and latency implications.

The fact that artificial intelligence solutions are incorporated directly into industrial machines offers several advantages. This approach allows for faster data analysis, reducing the need to transmit large amounts of data to the cloud for processing. This results in lower latency and greater overall system efficiency.

Furthermore, implementing AI solutions directly on industrial devices can improve data security. By reducing the amount of those transmitted across external networks, you also reduce potential points of vulnerability and opportunities for cyber attacks.

System Electronics enters the AI world with ASTRIAL, a technological platform inspired by the community of innovators and designed for industry: The flagship of 2024 for System Electronics will be the exclusive launch of this product on the market. It is a system on module designed for extremely demanding projects in terms of computing capacity and power density. This innovative device will be previewed at the Nuremberg trade fair with three live demonstrations at three different stands. During these demonstrations, you will be able to observe the practical application of the board in various contexts, including semantic segmentation, object detection, video decoding and gesture recognition.

Astrial is the result of an internal development process and stands out on the market thanks to the unique combination of the CM4 format, the Hailo8 accelerator and the imx8plus microcontroller integrated into an extremely compact device. This combination offers high computing power in a format compatible with a very wide range of development systems already available on the market. Furthermore, Astrial’s added value lies in the choice of industrial grade components designed to withstand the stress of production contexts, as well as in the long-term support guaranteed to customer.

The second solution from System Electronics is COREXPRESS AI the industrial compunting solution based on Corexpress i7-9850 and Axelera accelerator for heavy computing applications where the advanced performance of industrial PCs made in System Elctronics will be exploited at the same time with the boost of Axelera’s neural accelerators in a demo where multiple cameras and vision systems for object and gesture recognition will be combined.

The future for System Electronics will be focused on meeting the specific needs of its customers. This will be achieved through the integration of technically available solutions, based on ASTRIAL and beyond, into customized systems oriented towards the specific performances required by each customer.

Thanks to its decades-long know-how, the total customization of its products and a 100% industrial grade approach, which guarantees compliance with the highest standards of design, robustness, reliability and quality of the components; System Electronics reconfirms itself as a pioneer for the innovation of industrial electronics in Italy and abroad.